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The Milo Foundation
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Milo Point Richmond
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Milo runs a 283-acre Sanctuary in Mendocino County

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Happy Endings!
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   Name: MURRAY
   Adopted: 1/2011
HANUKKAH KITTEN ONE"Nik (formerly Izzy) and Murray are now seven years old. We adopted them from Milo at 4th in Berkeley when they were four months old. It's hard to believe they are middle-aged cats.

In honor of Nik and the day, I wrote a poem to him for my creative writing class. The attached visual aid shows Nik and me in one of our typical moments of cuddling together.

Also enclosed is a picture of Murray. It was taken immediately after I explained to him the entire Russian situation with Trump. He looks properly alarmed.

Our boys are very happy and healthy. They are very snuggly and incredibly bonded."

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   Name: WHITNEY
   Adopted: 1/2018
THE DIVASHello,We adopted our kitty from you in early January. She was a belated Christmas present.When we got her, she was only 9 weeks and 1 day from being spayed.We already had a dog. A Brittany Spaniel. We were unsure how the dog would feel about our new Christmas present.The dog seemed agitated at first, really untrustworthy and in prey mode.After 2, slow, patient weeks of introducing them they are now best friends. We could not be happier.Thank you Milo Foundation for our very beautiful and loving kitty. We will forever be grateful for your service and all that you do!

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   Name: STELLA
   Breed: Wirehaired Terrier
   Adopted: 4/2010
TULIP"Dear Milo,

It was 10 years ago when this little joy ran into our lives. She’s now almost 12 and I’m happy to report doing well. Her name was Tulip since then we’ve changed it to Stella Artois (yes the beer). When we first got her she was scared and I remember reading the part of her profile that said she hasn’t barked at all since arriving at Milo, my thoughts were "great a quiet dog she won’t be annoying or anything," and indeed for the first six months we had she was silent, then one day she found her voice. That’s when I realized how lucky I was that my family was able to bring her someplace she felt safe enough to speak. She had been through so much and I felt blessed to be able to be apart of her life, and grateful to her for letting me in. It took her a long time to share with us her true self but I am so very glad she did. She is an amazing dog, she loves to cuddle and give licks, she always runs to me when I walk in any room and she is like a shadow following me around the house as I do chores. She is my constant companion. She is so loving and amazing and I am so thankful to milo for introducing the two of us life long companions. Thanks for helping me to complete my family she is the best dog I could’ve asked for. She even makes sure that I wake up in the morning with kisses and jumping.

Sincerely Gail"

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   Name: TROY
   Breed: Terrier Mix
   Adopted: 12/2015
RICHMOND FIVESOME"Dear Milo Foundation,

Happy New Year! It has been a wonderful two years so far with Troy, whom we brought home exactly two years ago today. With a lot of love and patience, Troy has opened up and gifted us with his sweetness and love. We feel so blessed that he is part of our family and wanted to thank you and the volunteers for caring for him while he was with you.

Troy is full of love and energy, and it turns out that he is very social! He loves to meet his friends at Point Isabel and explore the trails at Tilden. In the mornings and evenings, he is full of cuddles and kisses, especially with our 10 year old son. He brings us so much joy and laughter. Thank you for bringing us together. Wishing you a Wonderful New Year!"

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   Breed: Shih Tzu - Spaniel Mix
   Adopted: 12/2017
LE GRAND FAMILY"Hello Milo Foundation,

Thank you for thinking of us, we have adopted another dog from a shelter in San Jose named Willow. Chiquito and Willow are fast friends and we thank you so much for all you do!

One of my friends adopted from Milo Foundation and raved about it on Facebook and that prompted me to look you up online. You have so many sweet and wonderful dogs and I will recommend to all I know to contact Milo Foundation.

Thank you!!"

   Name: COOKIE
   Breed: Anatolian Shepherd - Golden Retriever Mix
   Adopted: 6/2017
COOKIEHi Milo folks!

I just wanted to let you all know how much we love Cookie!!! We adopted her in June 2017 and we have been overjoyed to have such a sweet, gentle and fuzzy dog!!!

She has earned the nicknames, Cookie Monster, as she loves her treats. Fuzzy Butt is another (she has the fuzziest butt) and, of course, Captain Cookie. She is a fabulous addition to our crew!

Thanks for all the hard work you do. You help the animals, but you also help the people that need the love and companionship.

Thank you,

Cookie and crew!

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Happy Endings!
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