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Happy Endings!
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   Name: ZEUS now CALVIN
   Breed: Siberian Husky Mix
   Adopted: 2/2016
ZEUS now CALVIN"Hi Milo,

We adopted Calvin (Zeus) a year and a half ago. He's still sweet, cute, happy and healthy. Good recommendation on healthy paws pet insurance. He loves his bike runs and bush sniffing. Vets say he's the best behaved husky they've ever seen, and we agree. We don't usually dress him, but he's going to be our ring bearer and he looks so handsome! We just wanted to share it with you and thank you for the work you do. He's such a treat in our lives and love him so much!"

Best, Rosalyn and Patrick

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   Name: DUKE now CHIP
   Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix
   Adopted: 2/2016
DUKE now CHIP"We’re long overdue for an update on Duke, now called Chip, whom we adopted in February 2016. When we brought him home, we thought he had kennel cough, but as it turns out, he had a serious case of pneumonia. We nursed him back to good health — and have subsequently subscribed to pet insurance! When we first got Chip, he refused to get in the car, but now he LOVES car rides, and he was also afraid to go into the water, but now he enjoys playing fetch in the Bay, so long as it’s calm. He has a really strong hunter’s instinct, and still pulls on the leash — a harness helps to some degree. He lunges at every lizard, bird, cat, rabbit, you-name-it that we happen upon, and for this reason, he’s too much for our kids to handle on a walk. But otherwise he’s great with the kids. He especially loves long hikes and being outside. He keeps us on our toes; we have to make sure we close a door to the outside tightly lest he sneak out for a self-directed walk. A promise of a treat brings him tearing back at full speed. But as my husband says, if he were perfectly behaved, we wouldn’t have as much to talk about! We love Chip, and we are grateful to the Milo Foundation for saving so many animals."

The Rowles Family

More Photos

   Name: DAISY MAY
   Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
   Adopted: 9/2016
DAISY MAY"Milo Foundation,

I just wanted to share how happy we are to have found Daisy last September. I can't even express how much we love her and how perfectly she fits into our family. She has such a lovely soul - loyal, gentle, and so smart. She has learned several tricks and now enjoys socializing with other dogs! She looks like a cattledog but she is so relaxed sometimes we don't believe it. Her favorite thing to do is sleep on soft things like our bed or her many dog beds. I take her running with me every morning and she has grown to look forward to it and won't let me skip a day! I can't thank you enough for bringing her into our lives and taking care of her when she needed it most.

Here are some pictures of Daisy enjoying her new home!

Thank you!" Jenna and Evan

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   Name: QUINN aka BO
   Breed: Papillon - Chihuahua Mix
   Adopted: 7/2016
QUENBY and PUPS 2"Dear Milo Foundation,

We adopted Quinn (now Trixie) from Milo Foundation in July 2016. She has brought so much happiness, excitement, humor and fun into our lives. When she first came to live with us, Trixie relied heavily on our two older dogs for security and confidence. She would model her own actions and behaviors on theirs and when she was with them, she would allow herself to explore and navigate her surroundings and develop self-confidence. As she started to feel safe and secure in her environment, Trixie revealed herself to be the most playful and hilarious girl!! Her energy has brought so much life to our home, especially to our older dogs. We are so in love with her and this year has been filled with hiking and trips to the beach and snuggling and playing and it is hard to imagine a time when Trixie wasn’t at the center of it all. We LOVE our little Trixie more than we can express and are forever grateful to Milo Foundation for providing the opportunity for us to get to bring Trixie into our lives!!"

Nate and Katie

   Name: DAMY
   Adopted: 3/2017
DAMYHello Milo,

My household adopted two lovely kitties from your organization in March. We adore them, and wanted to send back a picture or two to show it! My understanding is that the previous owner was very sad to have to give them up, so I hope these pictures may help assure her that they are in a good home now.

Best, Erica & Kelly

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   Name: STORMY
   Adopted: 5/2015
STORMYThank you, Milo for sharing this! It's so nice to know that there are great folks out there helping these innocent sweet creatures to have a happy ending story.

I also adopted a cat from your facility in Richmond two years ago - Stormy - and she's been doing fantastic, sharing a big home with two other cats and a super mellow German Shepherd (all adopted!). Here are some pictures:

1. Stormy at her new home 2 - Stormy chilling with her bigger brother Duke 3 - Stormy and her cat siblings

More Photos


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Happy Endings!
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