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Happy Endings!
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   Name: LUKE
   Breed: Labrador Retriever - Shepherd Mix
   Adopted: 6/2016
MUGSY PUP TWO*UPDATE* 4/2/17- It is coming up on a year since we adopted our last 3 Milo pets March/June 2016 and I thought you guys would like to see how they are coming along. The kitties were Kiara and Dandylion. Now Harley and Koko. We watched with amazement as Harley's white fur became a jacket of black,brown and gold plaid. She is very beautiful. Koko is our resident chunk not as gregarious but equally beautiful with a smokey low meow. Luke (one of Mugsy pups) goes to Every Dog Has It's Daycare where he is their resident clown. He is very smart, a little stubborn and loves everything and everyone. Thank you so much for all the great work you do and for our very loved pets. Milo will always have our continued support.



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   Name: WILLOW
   Breed: Rat Terrier - Chihuahua Mix
   Adopted: 12/2016
TRIXIE and WILLOW*UPDATE* 3/31/17- "Hello Milo Foundation,

We wanted to update you on our little chihauhau-rat terrier mix, Willow. We adopted her in December 2016 and she's been with us now for almost 4 months and is doing great! She was definitely a little slow to warm up to the big guys in our house (my very tall husband and equally tall 17 year old son) and was scared of them at first, but now follows them everywhere trying to incite them to play. She literally jumps five feet into the air to try to get our attention! She is silly, happy, and active and so tolerant of all the love and cuddling she gets from the kids. She gets carried around constantly at home, yet holds her own on our off leash dog walks and is brave and playful with all the dogs she meets, big and small! She is so eager to be friends with our cats and has learned not to bark at them at all and to respect their space until they are ready-- they now are comfortable hanging out nearby but not ready for the full contact play she wants.

Here are some photos that show some of her new fashions, friends, and her favorite place to sleep-- the pillows on our bed.

By the way, Willow is now called Lola, due to my daughter's long time fantasy of having a "tiny dog named Lola."

Thanks for all of the great work that you do!"

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   Name: ABBY
   Breed: Papillon - Poodle Mix
   Adopted: 2/2017
KELLY and PUPSHi Amanda!!!

(Abby) Sage doesn't sit still too long but here are some pics of our girl!!! She is for months and 5 pounds. Not sure how much more growth she has coming but it's fun to guess how big she will be! Laying on her back is her favorite thing!!!

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   Breed: Australian Shepherd - Border Collie Mix
   Adopted: 2/2017
PATCH ADAMSUpdate 3/25/17- "We adopted Patch Adams a month ago. We wanted to update you and let you know he is doing wonderfully! We attached a few photos of him at the park yesterday with his buddy!

We renamed him Milo but it seems Patch has also stuck so he is Patch-Milo and goes by Milo.

The first dog we had, Migo, has taken to Milo and they are now partners in crime. We are working through a few issues with Milo due to his anxiety but nothing that can't be cured with time, love, training & him knowing he is at his forever home! Thanks for everything!"

More Photos

   Name: ANA
   Breed: Australian Cattle Dog - Shepherd Mix
   Adopted: 1/2017
ANAWe have a new happy ending for Ana (now Elsa) adopted 12/16 and an update for Pippy (now Harper) adopted 7/15.

Elsa is just the sweetest puppy! She has a big personality and holds her own with her big sister Harper (Pippy) who outweighs her by 30 pounds. She has settled quickly into our family and brought such joy to us all. Harper (Pippy) has matured into a "noble hound" after her crazy high energy adolescence (before we adopted her she had been adopted and returned to you all twice?.some Milo folks may remember her still!) We are 2 introverted people who seem to have ended up with the 2 most extroverted dogs we've ever known and are really enjoying lots of hiking, dog park outings, the beach, snowshoeing and cuddling with the 2 sweeties. Thank you again for rescuing them both. They are simply delightful dogs and add so much to our lives!

Kate, Jenny, Harper and Elsa

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   Name: COSMO
   Breed: Jack Russell Terrier Mix
   Adopted: 3/2017
Three JRT mix babes boy 2Hello!

This kid's a superstar (or, as my son Henry says, a Pup Star). He loves his crate, he's already shown progress on wee pad training, he's coming out of his shell and playing with everyone (including our senior kitty cat, who has zero interest but has gotten annoyed once), and he's exploring every corner of our household. He hasn't had any crate accidents and he's eating 2-3 square meals per day and he's even attached to a favorite lovey (a plush berber "bone" that is almost the same size as him). Oh and he seems to be responding to his name, too!

This is what he looks like after 5-10 minutes of play. All best - jennifer

More Photos


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Happy Endings!
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