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Happy Endings!
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   Name: BODHI
   Breed: Australian Shepherd
   Adopted: 8/2016
BODHI"Hello! We are getting ready to celebrate one year with Bodhi, we call him Kai. Bodhi sounded so much like Zoey so we transitioned names in the first few days that he came home with us. Our first dog, Zoey, is the same age as Bodhi and they carry on as siblings now.

Bodhi was very needy and jealous and wanted to establish his place in the house, so the first two months were stressful. I had lots of time and carefully made time and space for him. He is so lovable and he was a great addition to our family. I absolutely love my Kai boy and he fits in so well. My 17 year old and 13 year old love him too, and my husband begrudgingly adores him despite his licking and furniture rubbing. Kai made our house a brighter place!

I've enclosed some pictures. I am so glad we found him last year. Thank you! "

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   Name: YOGI
   Breed: Chihuahua - Terrier Mix
   Adopted: 6/2015
YOGI"We love our Yogi and he loves to play cards! Look at that poker face! Thank you Milo! Lori and the Sparrow family"

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   Name: STORMY
   Breed: Dalmatian
   Adopted: 6/2006
STORMY"Lynne and staff at Milo—

My partner and I wanted to thank you for bringing the most amazing dog into our lives in May 2006, Stormy the Dalmatian. She died in my arms this morning surrounded by love at home after leading a very full life. We adopted her from your Berkeley location and you told her during the adoption that she was going to be a city girl and not to get fat (we never let her get fat). Its true she was a city girl but she also led a life full of travels and adventures with her pack called “team stormy”.

I know you have saved many dogs over the years but maybe you will remember stormy as you rescued her from a kill shelter after an Arizona breeder dumped her up near your sanctuary, she had ten puppies with a non-Dalmatian and I’m not sure if you rescued her with those or if she had them in your sanctuary. I still remember your site advertisement for stormy and her daughter sunshine (who got adopted out to a family in Berkeley). Stormy was such a fighter with a full love of life. We adopted her with a limp from the cage you had her in that ultimately led to a valley fever diagnosis which led to two open heart surgeries and an amputation and extensive anti fungal treatments. She got past all that many years ago and lived life to the fullest. She touched the hearts of everyone she met and she never let any of her life challenges stop her from being full of happiness and joy and a ball of energy.

Thank you again for the work you do and for giving us this life changing girl.

Regards, Team Stormy"

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   Name: CELIA now ASPEN
   Breed: Siberian Husky Mix
   Adopted: 8/2016
SYDNEY now CELIA"I just wanted to contact you guys to show how much I appreciate the work you do! We adopted Aspen (formerly Celia) exactly one year ago, and wanted to send you an update! Aspen has become an integral part of our family. When we first brought her home to foster, she was shy, timid, and severely underweight. She wouldn't eat and didn't even play much.

After a lot of love and patience, she has grown into a playful happy dog who loves food. She is so gentle to my 4 year old son, and a companion of his. She loves going on walks, hikes, and attempting to chase anything small (she has claimed 4 birds and a squirrel in our backyard!) She always waits in front of the door for us to get home, and even watches us leave out the window each day. We also love getting serenaded by her (not loud) howls, which we often join in with! She also loves neck and back scratches, and will even put her paw on your hand to get you to scratch her!

We couldn't have asked for a better dog, and are so glad we had the opportunity to adopt her and give her a forever home.

Included are some pictures, one of which from when we first brought her home. With gratitude, Amanda, Chase and Dedric"

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   Breed: Chihuahua - Dachshund Mix
   Adopted: 7/2016
BERNADETTE now PEANUT"Update on Peanut aka Bernadette adopted 7/2016. She has brought so much joy into our lives. She loves her terrier brother and sister. They are older so she keeps them running and running. Peanut is so fast ! We are entering her for the dog derby dash this year.

Our favorite time is cuddle time. She loves the bed and blanket . We will love her forever! Thank you for rescuing her!"

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   Name: BLISS
   Adopted: 3/2017
BLISS"Hi! Just wanted to give you an update on Bliss. You may recall I took her last year because I needed my cat fix and was desperate for a cat. But I didn't think I wanted to keep her forever, so you had the wherewithal to let me take her on a foster basis. She's really like no cat I've ever known, and I wasn't too keen on keeping her. She wanted to play all the time and wouldn't stop meowing and playing fetch. She was driving me nuts.

However, I didn't have the heart to drive her back across the Richmond bridge, and now we are both so glad I didn't. What a fantastic cat! She has truly blossomed in her forever home and now I can't imagine life without her."

Thanks Milo! Alyssa

More Photos


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