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Contact Milo

The Milo Foundation
PO Box 6625
Albany, CA 94706
Email: info@

Milo Point Richmond
220 S Garrard Blvd
Point Richmond, CA 94801
Adoption Hours
Volunteer Hours
7 Days a Week
2nd and Last Thurs
of each Month 5pm
The Milo Sanctuary
Milo runs a 283-acre Sanctuary in Mendocino County

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Mobile Adoptions
These are the Mobile Adoption sites where the animals will be shown. Please arrange to meet them!
Terrapin Crossroads, San Rafael, 11am-2pm - 9/29/18      
click here for a list of animals attending

Berkeley Country Club, El Cerrito - 10/7/18      
click here for a list of animals attending

 New Arrivals:
CHANDLER: Cat, 8 wks.
PHOEBE: Cat, 8 wks.
RACHEL: Cat, 8 wks.
Fire Kitten 9: Cat, Male, 8 wks.
Fire Kitten 9
Fire Kitten 8: Cat, Male, 8 wks.
Fire Kitten 8
SANDWICH: Chihuahua, Mix, Male, 6 wks.
MAXIMUS: Anatolian Shepherd, Mix, Male, 1 yr. 6 mo.
HUNTER: Australian Cattle Dog, Mix, Male, 4 yrs.
DALLAS: Shih Tzu, Mix, Male, 5 yrs. 6 mo.
DRIFT: Australian Cattle Dog, Mix, Male, 1 yr.
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Featured Critter: RUTHIE

Breed: German Shepherd Dog Mix  -  Gender: Female
Age: 13 yrs. 5 mo. (est), Milo ID: 8868
Current Location: Sanctuary

RUTHIE Ruthie deserves a lovely retirement home, give a senior a chance. Special Senior Sanctuary Dogs are available for a 100% negotiable/flexible adoption fee... a loving home is what they need and what we want for them!

At this point in her life Ruthie is a fairly mellow senior, a loving and happy girl, who gets along well with other dogs, although would prefer a male canine friend to live with if she had her pick. She is a lovely old dame and friendly if not a tad distracted, with most people right, but can bark at strangers upon first meeting through a fence. She is a loving, tail-wagging gal for whom we are looking for a loving, adult home (no young kids) with another canine companion if possible. With a good amount of people time she would do fine as an only dog.

Ruthie is the kind of dog that will bond and be a bit protective, we feel that now she is an older dog, she has mellowed and would not bond as severely and feel she needs to protect, which she has done in her colorful past! She has been co-housed at our sanctuary with various dogs and done well and for an old girl is still quite active and engaged - though her hearing is not so great now. She tolerates brushing happily, loves attention and going on easy walks, a great dog for a senior! She is a lovely gal who deserves to spend the rest of her life in the comfort of a loving home! And for a qualified senior Ruthie's adoption fee can be waived.

Please send applications and inquiries to sanctuary@milofoundation.org and copy info@milofoundation.org

E-mail us at info@milofoundation.org

See More Photos of RUTHIE!

Featured Critter: IZZY

Breed: Terrier - Chihuahua Mix  -  Gender: Female
Age: 1 yr. 7 mo. (est), Milo ID: 26860
Current Location: Foster

IZZY Izzy is a very loving girl. She was found as a stray. Very shy, but warms up to new people with treats and new environment in a few days. No barking ever so far, so not really much Chihuahua, if any, in the mix - maybe small Fox Terrier type. Working on outside house training. Probably was an apartment dog with pee pads in the past, so not there yet, but making progress. Would love a quiet home with full time people or other dog companions. Totally accepted in her Foster homes with much larger dogs.

Watch a video of me and Judy, my foster mom:

Click here to Watch My Video

**Adoption Fee $400**

E-mail us at info@milofoundation.org

See More Photos of IZZY!

Featured Critter: DEIRDRE

Breed: Maine Coon   -  Gender: Female
Age: 5 yrs. 2 mo. (est), Milo ID: 27909
Current Location: Sanctuary

DEIRDRE, MAEVE and SEAMUS Deirdre is approximately 5 years old. She and her sister, Maeve, began hanging out together in my backyard in Fresno, when they were between 8 months and a year old, according to my vet. I started feeding them and her sister came into my house. Deirdre eluded me for about 6 months, when I found her hiding in my detached garage. She and her sister were reunited and Seamus immediately accepted her. She and Seamus particularly love playing with each other. She, as her sister, had been fixed, so I also assume that they were left behind when her prior owner moved. Deirdre is more reserved around people, than Seamus or Maeve. However, she will seek attention from visitors, but will not compete with the other two cats. She is very affectionate with me and the other two cats. She has no significant health issues, except gum disease, which was dealt with by my vet. She eats one can of Friskies wet food daily. She could lose a bit of weight, but this has been hard to monitor, due to the other two cats' presence at feeding time. She is an indoor cat, as my vet recommended, While we lived in Fresno, her vet was Dr. Linda Porter of Bullard-Marks Vet. Center. Since moving to Oakland in 2014, she is cared for by the vets at VCA Vet. Center in Oakland. I have her complete medical records since she came to me.

E-mail us at info@milofoundation.org

See More Photos of DEIRDRE!

Featured Critter: BENNY

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback - Otterhound Mix  -  Gender: Male
Age: 1 yr. 10 mo. (est), Milo ID: 27305
Current Location: MPR

BENNY Benny is great with all ages of people and dogs. He passed his cat test here in Milo but dogs should always be monitored initially in the home with cats.

Benny can sit on command. He's fine eating around other dogs, does not bark, loves to run, likes napping and hanging out and loves playing in the water.

Benny would be best living with another playful, happy dog! He will thrive in an active home with someone who works from home or who has the time to and resources to provide doggie daycare and other activities when not at home. He lived at the Milo Sanctuary happily playing with other dogs for a few months.


Lovely boy, an easy going charmer. Dog friendly, co-housed with and plays well with other dogs, big and small....good on leash, on the wide-eyed and meek side, but a happy, willing fellow eager to learn and to be loved! Athletic build, a great hiking and walking companion - likely up for a run as well!

Benny is a bit shy, but gently solicitous and interested in the world around him, and people, and dogs.... he has a pretty red sable coloring, big feet, and strong athletic build. More soon on Lucky Benny!

$450 adoption fee.

E-mail us at info@milofoundation.org

See More Photos of BENNY!

Featured Critter: SADIE

Breed: Border Collie Mix  -  Gender: Female
Age: 8 yrs. 4 mo. (est), Milo ID: 23970
Current Location: Sanctuary

SADIE *Foster Notes* 11/6/17 "Sadie is a loving girl. She can be protective, anxious at times when around new people and other dogs. Good spirited, will bark at people knocking on door, walking down stairs, and strangers. She does not bark aggressively and is super friendly up close."

Sadie is a sensitive lady.... protective and cautious. She is happiest when out playing fetch with a Frisbee or a ball - truly in her element. She is protective of her home and people.

More soon on this often charming but sometimes worried girl.

If interested please email us at sanctuary@milofoundation.org

E-mail us at info@milofoundation.org

See More Photos of SADIE!


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