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Contact Milo

The Milo Foundation
PO Box 6625
Albany, CA 94706
Email: info@

Milo Point Richmond
220 S Garrard Blvd
Point Richmond, CA 94801
Adoption Hours
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7 Days a Week
2nd and Last Thurs
of each Month 5pm
The Milo Sanctuary
Milo runs a 283-acre Sanctuary in Mendocino County

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Animals at Milo Point Richmond
These are just some of the animals at Milo Point Richmond.
Please arrange to meet them!

61 Animals found - Page 1 of 11

   Name: JOEY
More Photos
   Breed: German Shepherd Dog
   Gender: Female
   Age: 1 yr. 2 mo.  Birthday: 8/2017 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28227
   Current Location: Milo Point Richmond
*RETURN NOTES* Joey is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. She’ll steal your heart before you know it. She is very obedient, only wants to please, and is very good with people, children, and dogs of all sizes. Our family has several small dogs and Joey was quick to learn who was boss. She is not an alpha, so she is quick to submit to other dogs, and of course, to her owners. She will surprise you with how smart she is too. Within the first two days of her time with us, she learned how to sit, lay down, shake paws (command: “shake” holding it your hand), and play dead (command: “bang bang!” with your hand as a fake gun). She was also potty-trained before we got her, and accidents were never an issue. She is both affection and treat driven, and is very responsive to her owner’s emotions.

She loves to wake you up in the morning by nuzzling her nose under your neck, and making yawning noises that sound similar to a whale call. She never ceases to make you laugh, that’s for sure.

Her favorite activity is playing fetch with a tennis ball or frisbee. She absolutely loves going to the beach and will be more than happy to swim with you if you ask her to. She also plays fetch in lakes and pools. She loves hiking and chasing after chipmunks and driving in cars. In fact, she’s so good in the car that you’ll often forget she is even there. She is a very low-maintenance, easy going dog who loves the company of people and other dogs.

That being said, the reason we had to make the decision to bring Joey back is because of her separation anxiety. Joey always wants to be around people, so when she is left at home alone, she gets nervous and begins to bark and scratch at the door. However, in our time training her (we got a trainer who deals specifically with separation anxiety in dogs) she has gotten a little better. The trainer was having us put her bed by the front door (preferably by a window so she can see us leave), give her the “place” command (say “place” standing by her bed and point at her bed and she will come lay down on it) The trainer said it is best to do this and leave for different time spans a couple times for two sessions a day. The trainer’s name is Trish King. She’s local to the area and you can find her online.

   Name: NIGEL
More Photos
   Breed: Spaniel Mix
   Gender: Male
   Age: 1 yr.  Birthday: 10/2017 (est)
   Weight: Small (less than 30 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28222
   Current Location: Milo Point Richmond
Handsome new boy to Milo. Loves to cuddle up on a lap or go on a walk with you once he's your friend (which doesn't take long). He's been friendly with dogs thus far and is very teat motivated. More soon!

   Name: GOLIATH
More Photos
   Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix
   Gender: Male
   Age: 1 yr.  Birthday: 10/2017 (est)
   Weight: Large (60 - 90 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28220
   Current Location: Milo Point Richmond
Big, bouncy, lovable guy. He is a happy dog, very lovable and great with other dogs - not combative or confrontational- he's a teddy bear! Goliath just wants to be loved and to play, he is active, friendly and social.... needs a strong handler, a good sized yard and a trainer!

   Name: NORI
More Photos
   Breed: Siberian Husky - American Staffordshire Terrier Mix
   Gender: Male
   Age: 2 yrs.  Birthday: 10/2016 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28217
   Current Location: Milo Point Richmond
Nori is a playful, athletic big puppy! Happy-go-lucky and happy to be alive and experiencing it all, learning and getting to know more about living with caring people.

Nori needs some basic training for his adolescent manners. Nori is crate trained,seems to be dog friendly and loves treats.

He is a wonderful, happy, social dog!!Come meet him at Milo Pt. Richmond!

   Name: RANGER
More Photos
   Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
   Gender: Female
   Age: 6 mos.  Birthday: 4/2018 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28208
   Current Location: Milo Point Richmond
Just arrived at Milo Point Richmond! Very sweet little girl, who's a tad shy at first but quickly warms up looking for pets and kisses. She's a big lover and wants nothing more but to be by your side! Great with other dogs her size and larger, and could be just fine with littles but she is a pup so could be overwhelming for some small dogs.... we’ll see!!

Dumped at Lake Mendocino and rescued by a caring Park Ranger, Taylor, who drive her out to our Sanctuary (after calling and setting up an appointment!) More soon on this sweet girl!

   Name: ALCINA
More Photos
   Breed: Hound - Labrador Retriever Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 1 yr. 11 mo.  Birthday: 11/2016 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28201
   Current Location: Milo Point Richmond
   Status: On Hold or Not Available at this time
This sweet girl is very scared and will take a bit to adjust. She is cautious around people, but will warm up slowly. Ideal new home will have a fenced yard(where she can learn to walk on leash), no children, and another dog to help her feel safe and come out of her shell.

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61 Animals found - Page 1 of 11

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