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The Milo Foundation
PO Box 6625
Albany, CA 94706
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Milo Point Richmond
220 S Garrard Blvd
Point Richmond, CA 94801
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The Milo Sanctuary
Milo runs a 283-acre Sanctuary in Mendocino County

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Animals in Foster Care
These are just some of the animals that are in Foster Care.
Please arrange to meet them!

107 Animals found - Page 1 of 8

   Name: POSEY
More Photos
   Breed: Australian Kelpie Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 4 mos.  Birthday: 10/2018 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28704
   Current Location: Foster Care
Posie just came in from Tulare County with her sister Pookie. They are sweet pups waiting for their forever home.

Please Note: Australian Kelpies need a lot of exercise, and though they are not recommended as first pets, they are loyal and intelligent.

   Name: SCARLET
More Photos
   Breed: Boxer Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 3 mos.  Birthday: 11/2018 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28703
   Current Location: Foster Care
Scarlet is a darling boxer mix pup who just came in with her sister Sweet Pea from Tulare County. She is the slightly more laid back of the sisters, but still very athletic, wiggly and charming! We're all still getting to know each other and will have more information soon. Stop by Milo Point Richmond to meet her and say hi.

$500 adoption fee.

   Name: TRISTAN
More Photos
   Breed: Wirehaired Terrier Mix
   Gender: Male
   Age: 1 yr.  Birthday: 1/2018 (est)
   Weight: Small (less than 30 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28690
   Current Location: Foster Care
Tristan is a mellow, lovely fellow. More soon! $450 adoption fee.

   Name: LAYLA
More Photos
   Breed: Boxer Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 11 mos.  Birthday: 3/2018 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28689
   Current Location: Foster Care
A small sized Boxer mix girl, wide-eyed and lovely, though needing a quiet place and more socialization. Adopted as a pup from the shelter and returned a year later.... people didn't do enough with her - poor sweetie - but she is affectionate and lovely, and eagerly looking for loving people who have love to give to their dog and treat her as an important family member!

$450 adoption fee.

   Name: BANDIT
More Photos
   Breed: Papillon - Chihuahua Mix
   Gender: Male
   Age: 2 yrs. 8 mo.  Birthday: 6/2016 (est)
   Weight: Small (less than 30 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28685
   Current Location: Foster Care
Bandit is a beautiful little Papillon mix who will melt your heart. He is shy and timid around new people at first, especially men. But once he warms up to you he is a total love bug. Bandit is great with other dogs and in fact he really blossoms in their presence and becomes very playful! We would love to find him a home with another canine companion or two! Bandit can be quite a nervous and skittish little boy, and he did try a couple of times (and once succeed) to run away from his first foster home. This was undoubtedly due to all the big changes that were happening in his life, but we do need his new family to be aware of this and to commit to helping him continue to build trust and confidence. Bandit is currently in another wonderful foster home with multiple other dogs and this is really helping him. He is also doing great with not just his foster Mom, but also his foster Dad. He enjoys daily hikes with his pack and then likes to snuggle on the couch! He also loves to be held and really relaxes in your arms. He is such a sweet little guy!! Please get in touch (by completing an application) if you would like to learn more about this fantastic boy and set up a time to meet him!

   Name: MAX
More Photos
   Breed: Poodle Mix
   Gender: Male
   Age: 1 yr. 4 mo.  Birthday: 10/2017
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Referral placement - adoption assisted by Milo.

   Milo ID: 28684
   Current Location: Foster Care
Max is a sweet, affectionate, active pup. He loves to play with his toys: chasing them, playing tug, squeaking the squeaky ones. He wants nothing more than to follow you wherever you go and curl up in your lap. He has come along quite well with taming his rambunctious personality in the 3 months since we adopted him from Milo. Max has fear-based aggression issues with our young (2 & 5 years old) grandsons. He will bark continuously when there is anyone who comes into or works around the perimeter of our home. He is highly reactive to other animals. We are concerned about the safety of our grandsons. Max needs a child-free home with people who can help him access all his wonderfulness.

   Name: TITO
More Photos
   Breed: Chihuahua - Terrier Mix
   Gender: Male
   Age: 2 yrs.  Birthday: 2/2017 (est)
   Weight: Small (less than 30 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28682
   Current Location: Foster Care
Sweet natured and super chill guy. Come by our rescue to meet this great guy soon! He does get a little car sick, so he will need some work on that for his future road trips!

   Name: CECE
More Photos
   Breed: Labrador Retriever - German Shorthaired Pointer Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 4 yrs. 6 mo.  Birthday: 8/2014 (est)
   Weight: Large (60 - 90 pounds)
   Referral placement - adoption assisted by Milo.

   Milo ID: 28674
   Current Location: Foster Care
Cece is a beautiful sweetheart of a dog who loves her people and belly rubs. She is looking for a quiet home where she can be the center of attention as the only dog and no children. More to come about Cece soon.

More Photos
   Breed: Doberman Pinscher Mix
   Gender: Male
   Age: 6 mos.  Birthday: 8/2018 (est)
   Weight: Large (60 - 90 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28646
   Current Location: Foster Care
Jennings and his brother Waylon just came from Salinas and are ready to find their forever homes. More soon on these cuties. $500 adoption fee

   Name: SEÑOR now MOSES
   Breed: German Shepherd Dog - American Staffordshire Terrier Mix
   Gender: Male
   Age: 7 wks.  Birthday: 12/2018 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28644
   Current Location: Foster Care
Sweet single pup in a foster home until he's up for adoption, or perhaps another foster home - he's just a babe. Please email alex@milofoundation.org if you're interested.

   Name: MAMA FOXY
More Photos
   Breed: Australian Cattle Dog - Terrier Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 3 yrs.  Birthday: 1/2016 (est)
   Weight: Small (less than 30 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28642
   Current Location: Foster Care
   Status: On Hold or Not Available at this time
**Sweet Mama Foxy and her babies need a foster home to keep them safe and warm.**

This sweet new mom just gave birth to 4 pups (1/29). Mama and babies are back at Milo Point Richmond and need a foster. They are not ready for adoption quite yet.

Our wonderful hardworking fosters get first choice adoption of puppy or mother. Interested? Please come to our Point Richmond location to meet them today!

   Name: MAVIS
More Photos
   Breed: Great Pyrenees
   Gender: Female
   Age: 3 yrs.  Birthday: 2/2016 (est)
   Weight: Large (60 - 90 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28621
   Current Location: Foster Care
Foster notes: "Having Mavis with us is like living with a sweet and gentle old soul. She is not like other young, high energy dogs we’ve had, but instead has a calmness and maturity beyond her years. She’s loving and sensitive and a pleasure to be with.

Mavis has very quickly learned the rules of our house. She responds well to voice intonations, so correcting her is easy (no more digging in the garbage cans :). And though she chooses to be with us most of the time, she definitely likes her “alone” time and disappears regularly to snooze in out-of-the-way corners.

Mavis is a great watchdog. This is the Great Pyr in her I think. She’ll alert us to anything she thinks might be a potential threat and quiets quickly when reassured that everything’s OK. This touch of protectiveness paired with her sweet, gentle and laid-back personality seems like the perfect balance - it’s a quality in her that we appreciate.

Some other characteristics we’ve noticed:

-She’s a gentle girl that walks well on a leash, never pulls, and while taking a stroll, she enjoys greeting people and other dogs

-She’s good with our two dogs, likes to play but isn’t pushy, and does not display food aggression or resource guarding

-She’s potty trained, has never had an accident in our house, and uses our doggie door

-She enjoys rides in the car, loves treats, shows no interest in toys

-She sleeps well though the night

Mavis is such a special girl. She deserves a family that will love her deeply and would return that love along with a lifetime of loyalty."


Big girl who had a very rough spay and needs TLC and a weight gain program! We believe she is the mother of Lady Marion, the last Pyr we also rescued in Merced, she too has a lovely, mellow temperament. Please do your homework before considering adoption of a Great Pyr, they can be stubborn and are a big package!

$500 adoption fee.

   Name: ZIGGY
More Photos
   Breed: Australian Cattle Dog - Terrier Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 3 yrs.  Birthday: 1/2016 (est)
   Weight: Small (less than 30 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28613
   Current Location: Foster Care
Ziggy is very sweet, playful, affectionate, and fiercely loyal to her friends and family. She's very high strung so her love can be a bit much sometimes. She is a bit of a barker and afraid of strangers but warms up to people pretty quickly--especially if there are snacks involved. Once she knows you, she's your best friend for life and an excellent guard dog. She loves other dogs and is fine with cats. Her energy is too much around kids though, so would need an adult only home. She is leash trained and crate trained. She sits and stays on command and for her food. She is fine being left alone at home. She has lots of energy and needs room to run and play. She's good on walks on leash around the neighborhood, at the beach, etc. unless someone gets too close or surprises her. I'm sure she would mellow even more with good exercise and further training

More Photos
   Breed: Papillon - Jack Russell Terrier Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 3 yrs. 7 mo.  Birthday: 7/2015 (est)
   Weight: Small (less than 30 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28612
   Current Location: Foster Care
We adopted Penelope in November 2015 at a Milo adoption event. We instantly fell in love with Penelope because of her sweet, sometimes spunky, and often goofy personality. She is incredibly loving, and loves to snuggle but is also very active and enjoys spending her time outside walking, hiking and running around off-leash.

Penelope is also incredibly smart! She knows all of the basic commands such as sit, down, and stay. She also knows some fancy tricks such as “bang!” (play dead/roll over) - which she does with a bit of drama!

At the time of her adoption, Penelope was listed as a “Papillon/Terrier Mix.” Over time, we discovered that she was a “Papi-Jack”/Papillon/Jack Russell Terrier Mix. Consistent with the JRT breed, Penelope is brave and even a little feisty at times. Overall, she is wonderful with people, children and other animals.

Our hope is to re-home Penelope with a family that appreciates all of her great traits and will accept her for the wonderful dog she is! Our desire at the time of Penelope's adoption was to be her forever home, but over the years we have realized that we are truly unable to provide her with the most suitable living situation at this time. Therefore, we would like to play an active role in finding her forever family that will love her as much as we do. Knowing Penelope, we are hoping to find a couple or family with an active lifestyle and recommend only older children and perhaps one other small dog in the household.

Penelope loves being spoiled and requires lots of attention! Although Penelope generally gets along with cats, we recommend a family with no cats in the home. With our oldest cat, Penelope has exhibited some more aggressive behaviors such as barking and chasing as a result of jealousy. Also, we think Penelope would be best suited for a family living in a home as Penelope’s protective instincts (primarily, barking) are triggered by the many activities and noises of apartment living. Adoption Fee: $450

   Name: COCO
COCO formelry HOLLE
More Photos
   Breed: German Shepherd Dog - Belgian Shepherd Malinois Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 1 yr. 10 mo.  Birthday: 4/2017 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28601
   Current Location: Foster Care

Coco has learned so much since we started fostering her. She was always friendly and social, but now she has all the manners and training to make a great family dog! Coco is a very fast learner and loves to learn new tricks...and also loves getting treats. She has a great time at the dog park and always finds someone to play with. Occasionally, she goes to doggie-daycare. They tell us she is sweet and playful and we can always tell she’s had fun. Our two boys, 7 and 10 yrs old, love to play with Coco. She will gladly run after a ball or play tug-o-war with a rope. She can be a little too excited for our 7 yr old, who is small, and occasionally knock him over. The only negative, for us, is that she chases our cats. She should not be in a home with other small, non-dog animals.

Coco is very smart, energetic, and eager to please. She has learned many commands, rings bells at back door to be let out, walks well on leash, and loves the dog park, she's very good with other dogs - however, she is a nuisance and perhaps more than that to a cat, which is why she is looking for a home again. She does like to chew soft toys and such, so only Kongs and cot for bed (not a pillow bed).

Coco is still young and with adequate exercise, ongoing training and stimulation, and a bit more growing up she will likely outgrow the de-stuffing act.

Coco lovely dog, ready to get on with her life with adventurous, fun-loving people! $450 adoption fee.

Search criteria: Animals in Foster Care
107 Animals found - Page 1 of 8

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