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The Milo Foundation
PO Box 6625
Albany, CA 94706
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Milo Point Richmond
220 S Garrard Blvd
Point Richmond, CA 94801
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The Milo Sanctuary
Milo runs a 283-acre Sanctuary in Mendocino County

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Animals at the Milo Sanctuary
These are just some of the animals that live at the Milo Sanctuary,
near Willits, CA. Some have been at the Sanctuary for more than
three years! All are deserving of good homes.
Contact us about arranging a visit!

110 Animals found - Page 1 of 19

More Photos
   Species: Horse
   Gender: Female
   Age: 8 yrs. 3 mo.  Birthday: 5/2010 (est)
   Milo ID: 27742
   Current Location: The Milo Sanctuary
A beautiful Paint, Missouri Fox Trotter. Easy Rider, gated....sweet with people and other horses. Hates having her feet done, needs sedation, clearly has had some farrier woes n her past.

   Name: MAGIC
More Photos
   Species: Horse
   Gender: Female
   Age: 11 yrs. 3 mo.  Birthday: 5/2007 (est)
   Milo ID: 27718
   Current Location: The Milo Sanctuary
Magic is a drop dead gorgeous AQHA Mare 15.2 hands. "She is friendly, calm, quiet and easy to handle. She has been ridden on a ranch working cattle and loves her job and looks good doing it! Good feet, clean legs. Safe and sound. An extremely nice well bred horse - no flaws!!" Another great trail horse, coming soon!

More Photos
   Species: Horse
   Gender: Male
   Age: 14 yrs. 3 mo.  Birthday: 5/2004 (est)
   Milo ID: 27717
   Current Location: The Milo Sanctuary
Ricky Ticky was is a USDA "Tick Rider" which means he was ridden by rangers along the border of Mexico watching and herding any Mexican cattle and horses on the range from coming across due to concerns of ticks and other disease carried by Mexican livestock.

Very well trained, handles beautifully and has great stamina. Very good horse, high strung, a leader.

   Name: BRIGITT
More Photos
   Breed: Domestic Short Hair Mix
   Color:  Dilute Calico
   Gender: Female
   Age: 8 yrs. 2 mo.  Birthday: 6/2010 (est)
   Milo ID: 27584
   Current Location: The Milo Sanctuary
Brigitt is 8 years old, seemingly healthy, up to date on her shots (according to the previous owner), and all vet records can be sent from Berkeley Dog and Cat. Brigitt has been raised with a family of 2 kids and a dog along with her sister Uma. They are not bonded, and Brigitt uses a cat door and really loves coming and going freely. She is a hunter and loves delivering presents to her family. Apparently she would not be happy as an indoor only cat.

   Name: QUINCY
More Photos
   Breed: Australian Cattle Dog - Queensland Heeler Mix
   Gender: Male
   Age: 6 yrs. 6 mo.  Birthday: 2/2012 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 27501
   Current Location: The Milo Sanctuary
Quincy is a very affectionate and engaged strawberry Cattle dog mix. He is about 40 pounds and very athletic. He is a fast runner and playful but can relax and hang out with ease in the home. He loves to snuggle, either on the couch or in bed. He will be your constant companion; he is a velcro dog with his person. When he walks on leash he will be right by your knee and was an exemplary model of loose leash walking at Family Dog Class. He is easy to train because he wants to please and also is very food motivated.

When he is not pursuing a squirrel, cat or a dog, Quincy has great recall and knows his basic commands. He will happily sleep away the day with you when at home but he is always up for an adventure either in the car or on the trails. He is house trained and can be left alone for extended periods of time as long as no food is left within jumping range. Quincy currently lives with 4 other dogs and has not had fights and to his credit he is vocal with his warnings.

True to his breed, Quincy likes to know the lay of the land and is protective. He does not do well with surprises, canine or human. Quincy has proved himself to be a fearful dog and so when unfamiliar people or other dogs approach, he usually reacts by first growling and then has nipped/bit both humans and dogs. No dog has ever gone to vet because of the negative interaction he has had with them. He is predominately afraid of men, however he does back away from and occasionally nip towards the feet of unfamiliar women. However, he has developed a deep bond with men who he sees regularly and does best when new people ignore him until he approaches them.

We have been working for almost a year with a trainer, Tavi Ontiveros, who has helped us to learn how to manage the introduction of new people. We have also done considerable training in the area of walking past other dogs. Quincy has dramatically improved in both of these areas but still needs training and management. Quincy cannot be trusted off leash in public spaces because of this behavior but he can be safely in public spaces on leash with a confident handler and lots of treats. We live in Fairfax in a suburban neighborhood and he does a daily on leash neighborhood walk with success.

Quincy needs a new home.

   Name: TEDDY
More Photos
   Breed: Newfoundland Dog - Labrador Retriever Mix
   Gender: Male
   Age: 4 yrs. 4 mo.  Birthday: 4/2014 (est)
   Weight: Extra-Large (over 90 pounds)
   Milo ID: 27459
   Current Location: The Milo Sanctuary
   Status: On Hold or Not Available at this time
Teddy is a pure-bred Newfoundland. His fur is black and white (called “Landseer”) and he is an extremely handsome and sweet boy. Teddy gets tons of attention and adoration from passerby when he’s out in public. He was born March of 2014 in suburban Seattle. True to his breed, Teddy loves the water and is affectionate and gentle with grown-ups, children, and other dogs. Teddy grew up with another dog and an infant/small child for the first four years of his life and has been a great family pet. He is a pro at playing fetch in the water, and he does reasonably well playing fetch on land (he is well motivated by dog-treats). He loves going for walks and playing in dog parks. Teddy is house trained and is comfortable both inside and outside the house.

Teddy is triggered by wheels and lunges at them if not restrained. During an off-leash trail hike Teddy lunged at a cyclist and bit him once. No permanent damage was done, but it’s no longer safe for Teddy to be around cyclists or kids on scooters. Teddy’s family is sad to say goodby to him and hopes Teddy finds a new loving home in a rural area or elsewhere, away from his triggers (Wheels!)

Teddy has no known allergies or health issues. Teddy’s fur requires maintenance – a thorough brushing a few times a week, and a good washing once a month.

Our plan at Milo is to be very selective as to where Teddy goes, and with whom. He is truly a sweetheart and highly adoptable, but we want him, and those on wheels, safe. Perhaps a rural home is the way to go... and we have moved him to our Sanctuary where he has friends and space and perhaps a chance to swim!!

At Milo we want, and have promised the best for Teddy. Space and a place near the water is what we hope for!

$600 adoption fee.

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110 Animals found - Page 1 of 19

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