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Contact Milo

The Milo Foundation
PO Box 6625
Albany, CA 94706
Email: info@

Milo Point Richmond
220 S Garrard Blvd
Point Richmond, CA 94801
Adoption Hours
Volunteer Hours
7 Days a Week

See our Contact Us
page for Volunteer
Orientation info
The Milo Sanctuary
Milo runs a 283-acre Sanctuary in Mendocino County

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Milo Point Richmond is accepting adopters
11am - 5pm Wed - Mon (closed Tuesdays).


If you are shopping on Amazon
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Every bit helps at this challenging time!


All visitors must follow these protocols at Milo:
  • Only those who have appointments will be assisted.
  • Only the decision-making members of the family should come to
  • No more than three people per group and no children under 16 will be
  • Please wear your own personal protection equipment (PPE), i.e., a mask
    and gloves.
    If you do not have these items, please wear a scarf or other
    covering over your mouth and nose. 
  • Disposable gloves will be provided for you as long as we have them.
    (Donations of gloves happily accepted!)
    Sign in at the table outside and wait in your car or take a walk.

    We know there are so many well-meaning people who want our animals,
but we must ask you to please respect our protocols to enable us to
continue to help the animals and get them into homes one at a time.
We will do our best to maintain a safe place for everyone and also be
able to keep saving lives. Our brave skeleton crew is taking care of
the animals and helping clients, and we want everyone to stay healthy!
Know that we are doing our best to keep our website up-to-date under
these trying circumstances.

    Thank You for being patient.

      Please Note:
      Special access restrictions are in effect during Shelter-In-Place orders.
      No children or those without an appointment are allowed in the Adoption Center.


We have dogs under our roof at Milo Point Richmond from our Sanctuary and
other sources. Some are quite new, some are not, and many are in foster care.

Before meeting an animal:
1) Go to Adopt a Pet on this website to find the animal you wish to meet and
    note the location and status in the bio.
2) Find a 2-page canine or feline adoption form at the Adopt a Pet tab on our
Download the application form and complete it with the selected
    animal's name and Milo ID number.
3) Email your application to info@milofoundation.org, so our staff may receive
    and review it.

  • If the animal's location is in FOSTER CARE, email us your completed application
    with "MEET AND GREET REQUEST" and the animal's name and ID number in
    the subject line. After our staff approves your application, you will receive an
    email connecting you with the foster and explaining the Meet and Greet process.

    You will receive instructions after your application is approved.

  • Only if the animal's location is MILO POINT RICHMOND and NOT in foster care,
    click the link below to make an appointment. If your application is not yet received
    and approved by our staff, your appointment will not be accepted. You must bring a
    recently completed adoption or foster application with you to your appointment.

  • If the animal's location is our SANCTUARY east of Willits, email your completed application to sanctuary@milofoundation.org to make arrangements to foster
    or adopt it.
    Include the animal's name and Milo ID number in the subject line of
    the email. Many animals living at the Sanctuary have behavioral
    issues of one
    sort or another. But in the right home, they will make great companions!


Find a foster application form on this website at You Can Help!/Foster.
Email us your foster form with "I WANT TO FOSTER" and the chosen animal's
name and Milo ID in the subject line. Do not contact us again; wait to hear from us.
As we are inundated with inquiries, allow 7-14 business days for a response.
Thank you!



A Milo Update from our
Founder and Director Lynne Tingle

Dear friends of the animals - and Milo,

Milo is doing our best to bring you some unconditional love, happy diversions,
oblivious joy and reasons to carry on, to play and to get outside with a buddy
who is safe to hug! We care about the safety of our staff, volunteers, fosters
and adopters and have taken measures to keep people and our animals safe,
and we ask that ALL who wish to foster or adopt maintain social distancing.

During this difficult time we have pared down our animal care team, and we
are struggling financially. The future of Milo is at risk and we hope those who
can will MAKE A DONATION now!

We are updating our adoptable animal biographies and bringing many down
from our Sanctuary to Milo Point Richmond!

Here are a few below, and CLICK HERE to see more.






Wishing you and yours safety and good health,



Please look at our Wish Lists
to see if there might be something
you can help us with!

Between the Milo Sanctuary

the Milo Point Richmond Adoption Center

and foster homes, we care for and feed
more than 350 animals EVERY DAY!

Thank you!


have been stepping up to

Our wonderful volunteer Carol
treks on down to Merced
to help rescue dogs and cats -

There are many ways volunteers
can help the animals at Milo!

We will resume volunteer orientations
when we are able.


Help them move forward
when you can't be there

Image result for sad dogs and cats

Remember to plan ahead for your animals, should they outlive you. 
Don’t leave them to the unknown, if family or friends can’t keep them.

 Milo is here to help. 

Click HERE for our Planned Giving and Bequests information.


Donate Now thru
Network for Good!
Make a Donation Online - Today!

Donate with PayPal!

Donate Your Car to MILO!
Donate Your Vehicle to Milo (Running or Not!) with Car Donation Services!

Click to see Fan posts

Click to see Fan posts

 New Arrivals:
GIGGLE: Cat, Male, 3 mos.
Gray Tortie girl : Cat, Female, 8 yrs.
JOHNNY: Cat, 11 mos.
MARIAM: Cat, 11 mos.
TOBY: Cat, 6 mos.
MAX: Terrier, Male, 5 mos.
BELLA: Terrier, Mix, Female, 3 yrs.
JOKER: Border Collie, Mix, 8 mos.
PRANKSTER: Chihuahua, Mix, Female, 1 yr.
HESSY: Australian Cattle Dog, Mix, 1 yr.
Featured Critter: SCOUT
Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix
Gender: Female   Age: 6 yrs. 3 mo. (est)
Milo ID: 29832   Current Location: Foster
SCOUT Scout is an active dog, but not hyper, she's athletic and leans towards alpha but mostly just the kind of girl likes feels like she should be in charge. She is smart and pro-active. Eger to participate and ready to roll, she can also be cuddly.

Strong, athletic, clever amounts to a dog that needs a dog-savvy person who will include her in a lot of daily activities and provide leadership and consistency! A very cool dog.

$400 adoption fee.

E-mail us at info@milofoundation.org

See More Photos of SCOUT

Featured Critter: BOOMER
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Male   Age: 2 yrs. 3 mo. (est)
Milo ID: 30161   Current Location: MPR
BOOMER Meet Boomer!

Boomer's sweet and good with other dogs. He is a typical Husky who will need to go to an active home that will provide him with the stimulation he needs, and he can use some leash training. Best home setting for Boomer will be one with another playful dog--since these guys do better in a pack--a well fenced yard, perhaps teenage kids and of course fencing that is at least 6ft high.

Milo Foundation's Adoption Contract offers a 10-day built in fostering period on adult animals (over ten months age) where adopters can spend time getting to know their newly adopted pet and determine how it feels to share their home with this new dog or cat. During this 10-day period, adopters are welcome to take their new animal to be evaluated by professionals in the field or seen by their veterinarian. If you determine it is not a good fit and we cannot help you make it work; the animal can be returned for a refund minus a $50 admin fee. Boomer comes with a 20 day get acquainted period with his adoption, time to adjust to his new surroundings. Please give time and patience to new adoptees, particularly dogs from the Milo Sanctuary.

$400 adoption fee

E-mail us at info@milofoundation.org

See More Photos of BOOMER

Featured Critter: BRUCE
Breed: Border Collie Mix
Gender: Male   Age: 9 yrs. 8 mo. (est)
Milo ID: 17601   Current Location: Foster
BRUCE Sanctuary Update: Bruce is just an amazing and loving dog, but he does have some trust issues with being handled by strangers. He is an extremely bonding and cuddly boy, but he does need time to build that friendship initially. He prefers for new people to let him come up and say hi, stiff and maybe even lean into them affectionately, but would prefer that they keep their hands to themselves. He does show when he is uncomfortable by doing a lip curl, and if people are respectful of this he opens back up again. It does take several interactions with Bruce before he lets his guard down and trusts someone, but with Bruce, once you're in you're in! Bruce is just a gem of a dog, and will make an amazing and loyal companion for someone that lives a low key, predictable and rural life. He listens extremely well and is very eager to please his friends and loved ones. He would not be best suited for a city environment given that he is unsure of new people and needs the time to bond before being his regular wonderful and cuddly self.

Former Bio: Bruce is a handsome chunk of love! He is an active boy who loves long walks and hikes, as well as plenty of love and stimulation to burn off some of that border collie energy! He is an extremely intelligent dog with great potential. He listens well and is eager to please. He can be pretty mouthy when playing but has no intention of biting. In fact, he does a funny lip curl when he's playing, which can make him took a bit ferocious. But, don't worry, its all a front to make him look tough! He gets along well with other dogs, but can be a bit macho with some male dogs. Bruce can be uncomfortable if handled by strangers before getting to know them, so for this reason we would prefer a home without young children while he builds his confidence. If you are looking for a slowing down, yet active sweetheart, and preferably have experience with herding breeds, BRUCE IS YOUR MAN!

Bruce comes with a 20 day get acquainted period with his adoption, time to adjust to his new surroundings. Please give time and patience to new adoptees, particularly dogs from the Milo Sanctuary.

$350 adoption fee

E-mail us at info@milofoundation.org

See More Photos of BRUCE

Featured Critter: NATHAN
Breed: Shepherd - Labrador Retriever Mix
Gender: Male   Age: 9 yrs. (est)
Milo ID: 20031   Current Location: Sanctuary
NATHAN Nathan is deaf and blind, he is soft and furry, and food assertive. He walks okay on leash and has lived with other dogs, he always needed to be separated for eating - in his past - but now that he is an old man it's less concerning! We are looking for end of life care for this old guy, with adults, walks around the block every once in awhile to sniff everything, but you are his eyes! He is a likeable old fellow and pretty good on house manners - obviously a place with easy access to a yard, and not a ton of stairs would be ideal though he is a bit stiff, he gets around fine, slowly on his own. If you feel you can offer him the life he deserves for awhile, please send an application to sanctuary@milofoundation.org and we would be happy to discuss setting up a meeting!

E-mail us at info@milofoundation.org

See More Photos of NATHAN

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