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Search criteria: Animal is CECE
1 Dog found

   Name: CECE
More Photos
   Breed: Australian Cattle Dog - Shepherd Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 10 yrs. 7 mo.  Birthday: 10/2009 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 19460
   Current Location: Milo Point Richmond
*Foster Notes* 4/21/20 "Cece is an amazing dog. She is super playful, happy, cuddly, intelligent, and a great companion. In the mornings, when she has to pee, she wakes you up quietly by putting her face in your face - no sounds, just a smiling Cece to wake up to. She is in love with fetch, and I've honestly never met a dog that so consistently runs to get the ball, and returns it right at your feet.

She loves to be involved in family activities, from laying around in the bedroom patiently, to going on runs/hikes, or poking her head into the bathroom to say hello. She can also be left alone at home, and will patiently sleep awaiting our return without barking or making any mess. Within the 2 weeks that we've had her, she has already learned how to paw, and is very well potty-trained (she can really hold it in!). She has really good recall, is amazing off-leash (will come if you call her name, even if there's a ball involved), and is not greedy. She will treat anyone kindly, but is especially warm and loving once you've spent some time with her.

It's hard to believe she's 10 years old, as she has the energy of a much younger dog. We have a small cockapoo at home, and despite the barking/provocation from the small dog, she is mainly patient and basically ignores him.

Cece has trouble with grooming, and will react aggressively if you try to clean her paws. We suspect that she may have experienced some trauma associated with grooming, or in general as a child. She is also jumpy at loud noises, or particular strangers when we take her out on city walks. Because of this, and because she can get very excited to play fetch, she can be strong on leash on busy streets. However, after she's played a good round of fetch, or is tired from exercising, she is great on the leash.

We think it would be ideal for Cece to live in a quieter area, with a backyard. However, we live in the dead center of San Francisco, but we are very active and love to go to parks, and we think Cece has really enjoyed this as well. We would recommend that Cece is adopted by someone who is a strong owner that is willing to assert themselves, as she is an alpha dog. If you are an active owner, looking for a playful, loving, cuddly, loyal companion, Cece's your girl!"

*Foster Notes* 10/17/17 "Cece loves balls! Great on hikes and with all people. Became a little controlling of me but that is common for this breed."

Cece is an alpha girl that is for sure. Fine as an only dog - she was at least fine with cats, but at this point in her life having lived at our sanctuary we can not be certain of that! Nor certain she is still okay with a small dog that is not an instigator or challenge too, but simplest to say she is great as an only dog with exercise needs etc - she can go to dog parks and on trails, be around dogs - but needs a handler who can be aware of her alpha tendencies and act accordingly - she will do anything for the ball and follow her person anywhere.... She is strong on leash - but with proper activity levels and lots of ball time (she is the absolute best ball dog, dropping it at your feet every time - and, she's fast!) She is fine and will follow her person / her ball/chuck-it anywhere! She loves riding in the car and is an affectionate companion.

Cece is a good dog looking for a great home! She doesn't do well with "Veterinary restraint", i.e. blood draws and such. She doesn't like being held down, or approached from the rear. She doesn't like grooming or nail trims. For these reasons we are suggesting an adult, dog-savvy, active home for her.

Previous foster notes: "We've only had Cece a short time, but so far she has been wonderfully sweet and affectionate. She is very approachable and trusting around people and other dogs, no food-aggressive or destructive tendencies observed, and she has previously been around cats with no reported issues. More than anything else, she loves to play ball and will try to engage anyone who can give her some attention. Able to catch a ball mid-air, she will bring it right back to your feet for another throw. A beautiful girl with distinctive markings and an athletic build, she will be best suited for an active household or family that can provide her with a daily routine and lots of ball time."

Cece comes with a 20 day get acquainted period with her adoption, time to adjust to her new surroundings. Please give time and patience to new adoptees, particularly dogs from the Milo Sanctuary.

$350 adoption fee

Search criteria: Animal is CECE
1 Dog found


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