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Happy Endings!
We love happy endings!
These are just some of the reasons that we do this work.
Hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do.

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   Breed: Shepherd - Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix
   Milo ID: 29542    Adopted: 8/2019
FESTIVAL GIRL BONNAROOHere are a few photos of Bonnie and her siblings. We absolutely adore her. She is amazing with kids of all ages and she loves other dogs.

More Photos

   Name: EDEN now AVA
   Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
   Milo ID: 29756    Adopted: 1/2020
EDEN now AVAPreviously Eden, now Ava has taken really well to her name change and LOVES all the sniffs around her new neighborhood. She is very good on leash and is a favorite of neighborhood folks on their regular walks and her new friends who come to get her for mid-day exercise (so my little couch potato doesn't sleep ALL day). One thing that wasn't mentioned in her profile was that she's a lap dog! :) Ava seems super happy and content with her new beds, and she really does love keep away. I never win. I'm so glad she's come to live with me.

More Photos

   Name: COSMO
   Breed: Shepherd - American Bulldog Mix
   Milo ID: 28908    Adopted: 1/2020
COSMOWe are so happy to have adopted Cosmo! He is the best dog, and is doing so very well in his new home. He's well mannered, so sweet, and handsome!

More Photos

   Name: ERIN
   Breed: German Shepherd Dog Mix
   Milo ID: 28297    Adopted: 11/2018
ERINDear Milo Foundation, After our beloved 11-year-old dog passed away in 2016 from bone cancer, we didn’t think any dog could ever come close to being such an amazing pet, companion and family member. We waited nearly two years and finally started considering adopting a dog. We had never adopted a dog before, but felt it was the right thing to do with so many dogs in need of a home. On Veteran’s Day in 2018 we visited Milo Foundation and took “Erin” (Milo ID 28297), a one-year-old German Shepherd mix for a walk. She was beautiful and, while quite energetic, displayed a lot of sweetness. We decided to take her home. Given her color scheme and because we were making chili that day, we renamed her Pepper. We can’t lie: at first, it was tough integrating Pepper into the family. She was wild (the first week we had her she jumped onto the kitchen island and ate our dinner when we weren’t looking) and needed a tremendous amount of socialization. She barked at everyone, including our neighbors! Curious as to why she was such a high-energy pooch, we sent away her DNA to be analyzed and learned that she was ¼ German Shepherd, ¼ Husky, 1/8 Labrador Retriever, 1/8 Border Collie, 1/8 Australian Cattle Dog and 1/8 “Unknown.” Cleary, Pepper had 100% high-energy genes! What a difference a year makes. Fast forward to 2020 and Pepper, while still quite energetic, is the sweetest, most fun, most adventurous, always-up-for-an-epic hike furry family companion we could have ever asked for. We simply can’t imagine not having Pepper and love taking her with us everywhere. (Her favorite place is Ft. Funston Beach). Before Pepper, we were a family of four. Now we are a family of five, and cannot thank Milo Foundation enough for the tremendous work that you do and for making our family complete. To anyone who takes the time to read this – adopt from Milo Foundation! The Thomas Family

More Photos

   Name: MAC now CHIP
   Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix
   Milo ID: 28815    Adopted: 4/2019
MELODY CHOIRHere are some current pictures of Chip. He is an absolute sweet dog. He is super friendly and has the best warm and happy disposition. He goes on walks every day on Ring Mountain with his other dog buddies, and is super friendly to other pups, big and small - even his next door neighbor, Westley, a blind Chihuahua. He has great manners, always sitting nicely to wait for his meal or a treat or to get his leash on. He loves playing fetch, tug of war and has lick wars with his human siblings. And he loves his cat siblings, Checkers and Grace. And he loves curling up next to us on the couch at night after dinner. Thank you for adopting Chip out to us, he has brought us so much joy!!!

More Photos

   Name: ZELENA now MOLLY
   Breed: Australian Shepherd - Australian Cattle Dog Mix
   Milo ID: 30166    Adopted: 12/2019
SELENAAdopter's note to Milo: Many thanks for all you do - we are SO happy we were able to adopt this very special furry person - she is so sweet and such a fun girl! Thank you again - we feel so very lucky!


Happy Endings!
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