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Happy Endings!
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   Name: PAISLEY
   Breed: German Shepherd Dog - Border Collie Mix
   Milo ID: 30071    Adopted: 12/2019
RAZOR PUPS - PAISLEYHere are just a few pictures of how it’s going so far with Giovanni and Paisley, they are getting along great and loving their new dog family. They love each other and whenever they take a nap the cuddle up together.

Giovanni at first was a little timid around the other dogs now he’s leading the pack with play time. Even jumping off my daughters lap to steal a toy quick and chase the other dogs.

Everyone shares the big water dish, 3 at a time drink from it. No one growls and each other they all share toys. We feed them at the same time and everyone has their own bowls. Paisley likes to go share with the black lab and she doesn’t mind.

They are adjusting so well I am happy.

Now we just have to really work on house training them. ;-)

More Photos

   Name: SUZIE Q now TOOTSIE
   Breed: Labrador Retriever
   Milo ID: 28604    Adopted: 1/2019
SUZIE Q now TOOTSIEOur Tootsie is such a fab lab! When we first adopted her, she was a 106 pound chocolate lab with little energy. But with love and walks, she has lost a whopping 16 pounds! She just loves to cuddle and play all day long! We have loved taking her to the beach, on muddy hikes, and on all sorts of different activities. She loves the water, playing with her other lab friends, and just being with us all the time. We are so grateful that she came into our lives. Thank you Milo for introducing us to Tootsie, and helping her become a Silverstein.

More Photos

   Name: EARL GREY now INDY
   Breed: Russian Blue
   Milo ID: 28803    Adopted: 10/2019
EARL GREY now INDYEarl Grey, who we now call Indy, has brought so much light into our lives! Even after only being with us for a few days, he's already settled into our routine. He'd doing great! .Whether it be curling up on the couch with us or talking to us while we make dinner, he's fitted in perfectly. We love him so much and it's so much fun getting to see his sweet personality come out even more each day.He's fully recovered from his dental surgery and has become a social butterfly with everyone that visits.

   Name: MAGGIE
   Breed: Maltese Mix
   Milo ID: 22312    Adopted: 1/2017
MOPSY now MAGGIEHello and Happy Holidays! I have been reflecting on what I am thankful for lately and I just felt like I wanted to update you on our pup and let you know how grateful we are for her. When we adopted Maggie (formerly Mopsy) it was with the knowledge that she is a sick puppy with a stage 6 heart murmur. I always make it a point to adopt one special needs dog at a time, to give them the home they deserve, for as long as they may live. When we visited our regular vet, he said she was a sick little girl, who had approximately 6 months to live. We decided to give her the absolute best 6 months of her life and she became my constant companion and shadow. After a rough start (she bit both my husband and son) she settled in and only bit people who were wearing work boots. After about 6 months of working with her to gain confidence and feel secure, she hasn't bitten anyone since, even when startled or feeling threatened. We are now 3 years later and she is beating the odds. She is still a sassy, funny, affectionate and amazing little dog. I can't imagine the last 3 years without this little Angel. In a traditional shelter my little sweetie would have been euthanized long before she could have been adopted. She was with you guys for 15 months before I met her. I can't imagine my life without her and I just want to thank you guys so much for what you do. I will forever adopt any and all of my dogs from you guys. You are absolutely amazing and I cannot thank you enough for being Angels that rescue Angels. I have included some photos of my sweet Maggie, who is currently snuggling next to me and hopping up every once in awhile to give me a kiss. Thank you thank you thank you!! Vanessa

More Photos

   Name: SHADOW
   Breed: Newfoundland Dog - Flat-coated Retriever Mix
   Milo ID: 23184    Adopted: 7/2016
SHADOW and SPIDER I met Shadow when I was looking for a dog, but didn't immediately consider him - he was so depressed, and while amenable to people, was not particularly interested. It wasn't until he was placed in a foster home and I re-met him at a Bark Around the Block event in Berkeley, that I saw who he could be. It has been wonderful to see Shadow's personality develop over the last few years. Some things have stayed the same - he prefers sleeping outdoors, except in the coldest weather, and loves to dig beds for himself. Other things have changed. He has morphed from an affable, but solitary soul to one who sleeps on the bed and nudges for massage and pets. Perhaps best, we moved to Colorado last summer, and he now lives on a 25-acre property, where he can indulge his penchant for drive-by sniffing to his heart's content and nap in the shade of the pines. His brother Spider was adopted by a couple who ended up living about 6 blocks away in Richmond, so we were able to meet up and let the boys reconnect occasionally. They really seemed to enjoy their short periods of contact, and we enjoyed comparing notes on the two dogs. Shadow was about 8 when we adopted him. He is getting more arthritic lately, and getting around has become harder. I console myself with the idea that we have been able to give him a good second life, and thank the Milo Organization for introducing us.

More Photos

   Name: JAMES now CRUZ
   Breed: German Shepherd Dog - Border Collie Mix
   Milo ID: 29742    Adopted: 9/2019
MAMA NAOMI PUPS FOUR - JAMES now CRUZHi Milo Staff, I just wanted to give you all a HUGE thank you for bringing Cruz into our lives! Cruz (formerly James of Naomi's litter) is an incredible puppy and has brightened our lives in so many ways. He is intelligent, athletic, mellow tempered, and the biggest cuddler. Cruz is already an ingrained part of our family - we truly hit the jack pot! We recently connected with his sister, Wren, who we now have been able to schedule play dates with!


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Happy Endings!
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