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Happy Endings!
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   Name: NOAH
   Breed: Siamese Mix
   Milo ID: 26208    Adopted: 10/2018
NOAHThank you again for allowing Mary and myself to have the pleasure of adding the Milo Foundation cat Noah to our small menagerie (well, one other cat and a dog).

We are not alone in our appreciation of Noah. Our dog Holly (a female whippet/lab combination from Berkeley Humane — she was rescued from the hurricanes in Puerto Rico) absolutely loves him, and joins him in sleeping on our bed. Our other cat is only about half her size and they are like brother and sister. Noah is doing very well and looks much better than he did when we first got him. That may be due in part to the major dental work he has had.

With all good wishes and again, continuing appreciation for your work, ErikK


   Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
   Milo ID: 29367    Adopted: 7/2019
FREUD now BUCKAROOBuckaroo is doing very well. Must be about 8 months now.. 45 pounds (and still gaining). Got the DNA Test done. He is: American Staffordshire, Bloodhound (never would have guessed) and Parson Russell Terrier. Less than 10% of that. He is still learning, but is loved by all. Thanks for him.. We are lucky to have him in our family.

More Photos

   Name: BERT
   Breed: Boxer - Greyhound Mix
   Milo ID: 19256    Adopted: 10/2019
BERT & ERNIEIn June 2013, Bert and Ernie were found wandering on a road together and were brought to a shelter in Sacramento. The shelter staff and volunteers recognized how closely bonded they were and very much wanted to adopt them out as a pair. Given that they were not young dogs, they were finding it very difficult to do so, and as their time at the shelter kept ticking by, they became open to adopting them out separately but still no family came for either one. When their time was up and both boys were set for euthanasia, the shelter reached out to the Milo Sanctuary as a final attempt to save them. Luckily we had just adopted out another dog and had space available to accept them.

When the boys first came to us they had a difficult time settling in. Ernie was fearful of male staff members and would not let them come into his space. Bert was acting out aggressively towards the other dogs we tried to introduce him to. We also discovered that they were able to scale very tall fences when no one was looking, and they were thougSt to have a prey drive for small animals. One morning we discovered them missing and the entire staff was searching for them. The next morning a staff member was winding her way through the woods to the Sanctuary on her way to work, and discovered a very tired, dirty and pleased with themselves Bert and Ernie standing in the road. She threw her door open and both boys jumped in and sat down on the back seat like they had just hailed a cab.

Over time Ernie's confidence grew, and Bert's rambunctious ways quieted. They became staff favorites, but still had no adoption interests that panned out. They had meetings with adopters, and brief fosterings and trips to our Adoption Center in the Bay Area, but never were adopted. Some felt Ernie wasn't confident enough for them, others felt Bert was too confident.

When fires swept through the area in 2017 and the Milo Sanctuary was forced to evacuate, many Sanctuary dogs were taken in by loving foster families, Bert and Ernie landed in Oakland with a previous foster/adopter, and eventually they escaped and were gone all night - found safe the next day.... many dogs landed permanent homes through their fire foster homes - but again, not Bert and Ernie. They spent more time at Milo Point Richmond after the fires - and then back to their yard at the Sanctuary.

NOW, we come to the BAY AREA PET FAIR 2019, and Sanctuary staff did some last minute changes on the list of attendees and brought down 8 dogs, including 13 year old Ernie without Bert. I was dumbfounded, they said Bert wasn't feeling great and looked thin.... long and short is that a wonderful couple fell for Ernie and adopted him...and we did take the opportunity to tell them about Bert, there was a glint of interest....just maybe if Ernie settled in well.... and he did! Here are Ernie's happy ending photos: https://milofoundation.org//happyending.cfm?animalid=19257 On October 8th the happy couple drove up to our sanctuary from Tracy and adopted Bert! We look forward to more photos of the two boys happy in their home for their remaining years!

More Photos

   Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
   Milo ID: 29444    Adopted: 9/2019
CARDI now BEATRICEThank you so much for checking in on Cardi. She now has a younger brother named Atticus, and is very patient with him. She loves going on walks and has her first doggy manners class scheduled for next week. We take her everywhere with us and everyone absolutely loves her. I take her to work with me sometimes at Campus Veterinary Clinic in Berkeley, and all of my co-workers adore her.
Thank you for bringing Beatrice into our lives!

More Photos

   Name: SHADOW
   Breed: German Shepherd Dog - Belgian Shepherd Malinois Mix
   Milo ID: 26912    Adopted: 9/2019
SHADOWShadow is more than just a good dog. He's super energetic, loves his walks, patrolling the back yard, but mainly being wherever we are.

More Photos

   Name: ERNIE
   Breed: Greyhound - Boxer Mix
   Milo ID: 19257    Adopted: 9/2019
BERT & ERNIEHi all! Ernie fits so perfectly into our family! Everyone that has met him loves him immediately and we love him more and more every day! Feel free to email, text, or call any time to check in. Here are a few pictures of his new life! Sincerely, Ernie’s new loving family, Ryan and Katy P.S. We are still very seriously considering adopting Bert as well. We would like to set up a day in early October to come to the sanctuary for a visit and to meet Bert. We’ll call to do that in a couple weeks!

More Photos


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