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Animals in Foster Care
65 Animals found - Page 2 of 5

   Name: MIRAME
More Photos
   Breed: Chihuahua
   Gender: Female
   Age: 1 yr. 7 mo.  Birthday: 10/2018 (est)
   Weight: Small (less than 30 pounds)
   Adoption Pending!
   Milo ID: 30125
   Current Location: Foster Care
She's pretty bold and confident, ready for adventure and friends. She loves a lap but is by no means a chill, lap dog - she is interested in all things in her realm - and wants to check it all out. She'll see what she wants, engage, possess, and carry on! - she is a 5 pound force! But not noisy, just confident, and working on her comfort zone with large dogs. $450 adoption fee.

Milo Foundation's Adoption Contract offers a 10-day built in fostering period on adult animals (over ten months age) where adopters can spend time getting to know their newly adopted pet and determine how it feels to share their home with this new dog or cat. During this 10-day period, adopters are welcome to take their new animal to be evaluated by professionals in the field or seen by their veterinarian. If you determine it is not a good fit and we cannot help you make it work; the animal can be returned for a refund minus a $50 admin fee.

   Species: Sheep
   Gender: Female
   Age: 2 yrs. 7 mo.  Birthday: 10/2017 (est)
   Milo ID: 29830
   Current Location: Foster Care
An American Barbados Sheep, found alone and lost, taken to the Martinez shelter, unclaimed. Now with Milo, grazing with goats in a foster home. She’s quite timid.

   Name: KEYS
More Photos
   Breed: Border Collie - American Staffordshire Terrier Mix
   Gender: Male
   Age: 3 yrs. 7 mo.  Birthday: 10/2016 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 29823
   Current Location: Foster Care
Keys! A most handsome boy looking for his forever home. A very nice medium (~50 pounds) size - hardy, athletic, agile and grounded boy.

No other dogs in the home.

Foster Feedback: “Keys learned Sit, Shake, Down and Stay. He’s a snuggler and a lover, a tad willful but young and eager to please his people. He’s very treat motivated and will do well with consistent training. He does have a strong prey drive, so no cats or small animals. Keys is dog selective so no dog parks. He can benefit from consistent socialization with other people and animals outside of the immediate family as he does become protective of his family once he is bonded.”

Keys would love to have a home with active people, with kids over 14 yrs of age

Must have dog experience.

$450 adoption fee

   Name: GOLDIE
More Photos
   Breed: German Shepherd Dog Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 3 yrs. 8 mo.  Birthday: 9/2016 (est)
   Weight: Large (60 - 90 pounds)
   This dog has special needs.
   Milo ID: 29724
   Current Location: Foster Care
Foster notes:

“Goldie is your perfect companion! Smart, calm and oh so loyal. Goldie is that dog that will take food out of your hands with great care, give you soft kisses and will allow you to give her the longest, warm cuddly hugs. She loves walks and hikes, but for some reason dislikes to run while on leash! She is house-trained and exceptionally well behaved at home and in the car.

Very loving and sweet with humans, but jealous and anxious when she sees other dogs. Reason why she needs to be the only dog at home, and can never be let off leash during walks or at dog parks. When passing by other dogs/animals in general, especially the little ones, it is important to keep a safe distance and continue walking straight past them. The less time she has to pay attention to other dogs, the calmer she will be. However, don’t worry, she is smart, responsive to your commands and does amazing on leash, walking with her is always a great JOY.

With children, she is very calm and patient, but know that she is quite protective of her toys. We recommend her to a house with children over 8 years old that understand they should never play or pull away her toys, even though she eventually forgets about them because she hides them (resource guarding). She loves playing ball, but even more, she loves resting by your side while you're reading a book, working or cooking, and at nights, will quietly follow you around the house like a Velcro dog until she’s convinced you're safe and ready to rest.

Goldie has a noble heart, the look in her eyes speak volumes to the sweetness inside her. Whoever gets to be her human, will most certainly realize what a special dog she is.”

It's suspected that Goldie has Hip Dysplasia. Her adoption fee has been reduced to $250 and future adopters will need to be responsible for future medical care. Adoption fee $250

More Photos
   Breed: Pekingese - Poodle (Miniature) Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 3 yrs. 3 mo.  Birthday: 1/2017 (est)
   Weight: Small (less than 30 pounds)
   This dog has special needs.
   Milo ID: 29592
   Current Location: Foster Care

This sweet girl Bella is one of a kind! She is super sweet, loves cuddles and is spunky. She does have a medical issue that causes her to have seizures, barks continuously unless she has a chew toy to chew on, and is possibly visually impaired due to the seizures. We are still looking into it, to see what causes them but it hasn't affected her negatively. She walks well when you have her on a harness, is dog friendly, and would be good in a home with kids over 14 due to her medical issues. She is not housebroken but she does do a little twirling dance and that is when she is about to do her business.

When it is time for her to sleep, it is important to have her sleep in a crate or x-pen so she is secured in case a seizure happens and she can use the bathroom in there. She does sleep throughout the night. If you are interested in this sweet girl, we recommend researching dogs with seizures, because it is very important to know what to do. She is on medication that helps her prevent the seizures, and would most likely need it for the rest of her life.


   Name: KONA
More Photos
   Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog - Terrier Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 1 yr. 4 mo.  Birthday: 1/2019 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 29323
   Current Location: Foster Care
*Foster Notes* 4/10/20 "Kona is an incredibly sweet dog who would make a great part of an active household. She loves belly rubs, pets, and any expression of affection. She is super friendly and expressive, with an infectious smile. She needs consistent training but is very food motivated and eager to please, which makes training easier! She knows sit, come, and is working on stay and leave it/drop it. She tends to dive for any food on the street- making leave it/drop it training all the more important.

She needs an active lifestyle, so having a family that could take her for outdoor adventures consistently and having a backyard to play in would be ideal. Otherwise she may become less receptive to training, including house training. We also let her play off leash a few times around other dogs with no problem.

During our ~2 weeks of fostering Kona, she was not bothered by the level of noise/activity of our neighborhood (SoMa, San Francisco). It is a loud city neighborhood and there was sometimes construction in the building, but she handled it very well. Resource guarding with food wasn’t much of an issue with us, but we were careful not to take food from her after giving it.

We did not let her on furniture and she respected that after some consistent training. Kona was fantastic with adults and other dogs. Upon encountering other dogs she was sometimes interested but calm, and other times she would get more excited but was always manageable and never aggressive. We did not get a chance for her to interact with kids. We feel very lucky to have been able to spend time with Kona, and hope she can find a loving home!"

Kona is a sweet young girl who is looking for dog savvy owners who can provide her with further training and socialization. Due to lack of training in her early puppy months, Kona will need someone who will be patient with her and lead her in the right direction. Kona needs owners who will be very direct with her as she is learning the do's and dont's. She has a nippy behavior which can be unpredictable, so she will need owners who will work with her to end that behavior. Kona is crate trained when let out at appropriate times but still working on being fully house trained.

Kona loves attention whether that be getting belly rubs, taking naps with her foster family or going for walks at Pt Isabel dog park! At the dog park Kona pretty much stays by your side, has great recall and will come when called; because she gets excited when she sees other dogs her approach can be a little forward so using treats and continued work on her recall is important.

An ideal household for Kona would be one as the only animal, as she does have some resource guarding over high value food with both dogs and people. She does not mean to snap but if you do walk by her or try to take food from here, she will let you know that she does not like that. An adult only home would be suggested for Kona, as she has some behavior traits that won't do well with kids. She would love a home that is active and can provide lots of metal stimulation. A home that has land, may do well for her as she loves to run around and play with her toys. No cats or young children in the home!

When taking Kona home, we do not suggest that you let her sleep on any furniture and she can get protective of it. As said before, she is crate trained and would be okay sleeping in there throughout the night. As much as Kona loves to cuddle and be pet, it is important to think of her needs and the right training for her. She is a very sweet dog, but needs owners who can really support her and work with her.

More Photos
   Breed: Pit Bull Terrier Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 3 yrs. 1 mo.  Birthday: 4/2017 (est)
   Weight: Large (60 - 90 pounds)
   Milo ID: 29292
   Current Location: Foster Care
Tiger Lily is a great sweet dog who came to Milo with three pups who are all adopted. Now it's her turn to find her loving forever home.

Tiger Lily is great with children, adults and other dogs. She's a little too interested in cats so her new home should not have cats. Tiger Lily has separation anxiety and will need to be in a family with another dog, or someone who's home all the time or someone who can take her to work or doggie day care. Separation anxiety is something that can be worked on but you'll need to be a person with the time and patience it takes. She loves dogs, people, babies....

   Name: BONNIE
More Photos
   Breed: Queensland Heeler - Australian Cattle Dog Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 1 yr. 8 mo.  Birthday: 9/2018 (est)
   Weight: Small (less than 30 pounds)
   Adoption Pending!
   Milo ID: 29081
   Current Location: Foster Care
*Pending due to amount of applications*

FOSTER FEEDBACK: "Bonnie is a sweet and curious pup with lots of enthusiasm! She LOVES hikes and runs. 2-3 miles is sufficient for most days, but she’s gone on runs of up to 8 miles and still had energy left for zoomies in the backyard. Bonnie needs a home where she’s provided with appropriate outlets for her mental and physical energy. She is so much fun! A perfect adventure buddy, this girl needs a job! Consistent training and reinforcement will be important for Bonnie. She can be stubborn, but is highly food and toy motivated.

Bonnie tends to bond primarily with the human who she spends the most time with, and will sometimes resource guard them from other family members. This behavior can include growling, lunging, and snapping unless you quickly recognize warning signs. She is incredibly affectionate when everyone feels safe and respected, and hates to disappoint her main human. But, she will absolutely test your boundaries, especially when bored. Bonnie is in need of further socialization with strangers. She defaults to avoidance, pulling back on the leash to get some space if she feels crowded. She makes her discomfort clear by showing her “cow ears” and tucking her tail. But if her human is comfortable and the stranger has food, she will warm up fairly quickly.

Bonnie sleeps quietly in her crate at night, although it still takes some coaxing to get her in (she’d much rather snuggle with her human). Bonnie alarm barks occasionally during the day, but is mostly a quiet and alert companion, following you around and showing interest in whatever you do. She loves being with you! For Bonnie, 5ft of dental floss would be 90% as effective as a real leash. Her recall is exceptional! She is living with a feisty cat and a calm, submissive 100 lb female dog. She shows interest in the cat but is easily rebuffed with a hiss. She is great with the dog when they are playing outside, but can display herding and resource guarding behavior in enclosed spaces. Although she does well with a confident 15-year old, at present she would not be a good choice for children who are too young to participate in her training, or people who may feel intimidated by her exuberance. Any men in the family will need to be patient and gentle as she gets to know them.

**Bonnie is not a low maintenance dog who can sit contentedly in an apartment day after day. This beautiful, smart, and special girl needs someone who can commit to a productive partnership!"

A classic, beautiful red Heeler, with a patch over one eye - but this girl was clearly left without much if any kindness or human interaction. And was mistreated by a man we assume given her fear aggression towards strangers, men in particular. But she is improving but she will not be a great urban on-leash walking on city streets or sidewalks kind of girl as she might snap at passers by. She loves to RUN! She is an escape artist only to be with you, follow, engage and participate. She does bond very quickly with her human and will resource guard them from other dogs in the home. Bonnie is however a master of cuddling!

Super sweet, and very smart. Not so much a shy girl any longer but she is a girl who needs lots of love, socialization and training. She is a protective guard dog - all 25 pounds of her!

She is young and learning to be a great ranch dog thus far - she loves running with our side-by-side work vehicle and then riding on the seat going back, leaning into the driver with a smiling and panting happy face.

$400 adoption fee for this sweet energetic, demanding country girl.

   Name: SAMMY
More Photos
   Breed: Carolina Dog Mix
   Gender: Male
   Age: 4 yrs. 11 mo.  Birthday: 5/2015 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 29061
   Current Location: Foster Care
Sammy is a sweet boy, with a rough past, originally from Taiwan, living on a chain, he was recently surrendered to our Sanctuary for guarding, territorial behaviors. Sammy is doing really well in the Sanctuary environment living with two other dogs thus no territory to possess as his or need to guard his home or family. He is used to his new surroundings, new people, and new dog friends. Change is something that will need to happen slowly and with dog savvy people but he has recovered from a lot of his early trauma.

Sammy is doing very well at the Sanctuary - he is making great friends with dogs and people, he is great on leash etc. Still he needs a predictable, special home - but he IS a very good boy! Experienced dog people with another dog and a home that is not a social epicenter will be great for Sammy!

   Name: RAM
More Photos
   Breed: Pomeranian Mix
   Gender: Male
   Age: 2 yrs.  Birthday: 5/2018 (est)
   Weight: Small (less than 30 pounds)
   Adoption Pending!
   Milo ID: 28932
   Current Location: Foster Care
Little cutie from Berkeley Animal Services, now up here at the Milo Sanctuary due to having aggressive tendencies, possessiveness.... but people love him and he could go to a quiet adult only home where people won't invade his space, and can handle a quirky, nipping dog.

   Name: RITA
More Photos
   Breed: Shepherd - American Staffordshire Terrier Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 3 yrs. 3 mo.  Birthday: 2/2017 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28743
   Current Location: Foster Care
Meet Rita! She is a sweet girl who loves the attention from people. She would need a home with dog savvy people who can provide the appropriate training and socialization. She would need a home where there aren't any small animals nearby and she would need to be the only dog in the home. She has had friends here at Milo but she is selective with who she would like as a friend. She would be okay with kids over the age of 14. She rides well in the car, and will just sit here with a smile on her face. She does love to go on hikes and will snuggle up with you and want all the kisses and love that she can get.

   Name: LOGAN
More Photos
   Breed: Terrier Mix
   Gender: Male
   Age: 1 yr. 7 mo.  Birthday: 10/2018 (est)
   Weight: Small (less than 30 pounds)
   Adoption Pending!
   Milo ID: 28713
   Current Location: Foster Care
Logan is an adorable pup - but sadly he has a seizure disorder - so he is going in and out of the vets....Liver Function is good, so that's something - but poor pup....

   Name: TITO
More Photos
   Breed: Chihuahua - Terrier Mix
   Gender: Male
   Age: 3 yrs. 3 mo.  Birthday: 2/2017 (est)
   Weight: Small (less than 30 pounds)
   Adoption Pending!
   Milo ID: 28682
   Current Location: Foster Care
Sweet natured and super chill guy. Come by our rescue to meet this great guy soon! He does get a little car sick, so he will need some work on that for his future road trips!

   Name: SUSHA
More Photos
   Breed: Domestic Short Hair
   Color:  Orange Tabby
   Gender: Female
   Age: 10 yrs. 7 mo.  Birthday: 10/2009 (est)
   Milo ID: 28669
   Current Location: Foster Care
Sweet orange tabby girl! Susha has required medical care and treatment and is staying at our friends at Kitty Charm School in Mill Valley. She is going to have some dental work but would love a home!!

   Name: MONICA
More Photos
   Breed: Shepherd
   Gender: Female
   Age: 5 yrs. 10 mo.  Birthday: 7/2014 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 28396
   Current Location: Foster Care

*I absolutely cannot believe Monica is yet to find her forever home. Since joining me, she has settled in well and her original bio is spot on. She is cautious and calm, but I have not found her to be anxious or uneasy. She really is an "old soul" type of dog — a very serene and supportive companion — which is particularly meaningful at this time.

* *I understand Monica became quite melancholic in her kennel at Milo (won't we all understand that soon) and has been "comfort eating" to cope (don't we all understand that already). BUT Her spirits are up already — she loves little runs or going on multiple shorter walks throughout the day. She is responsive, walks great on leash and hasn't batted an eye-lid as we passed vocal neighborhood dogs or passers-by.

* *Although I fit the bio of a quiet female working from home, she was warm with three male colleagues when I packed up my office. When loading the car, she was initially calm, but became unsettled/vocal the more I went back and forth. I don't plan to verify her escape-tactics or separation anxiety mentioned below. Monica really is special and will be a wonderful partner-in-crime or partner-in-calm for the right person." See the new photos of her enjoying the fosters backyard.

"Monica is a mellow, easy-going, even temperament type dog. She is cautious so will need a patient person who will let her go at her own pace. She walks great on leash and is good with kids. Monica absolutely loves women and girls; she can tolerate being around men but bonds very well with women. Once she gets to know you she will greet you with happy barks and snuggles. She enjoys belly rubs, but is sensitive to touch so her human must be patient and willing to build up the trust between them. Once she trusts you, her loyalty and love is unwavering!

She does not like being contained so no crates for her - but she can tolerate an x-pen. She can play well with other dogs after a proper introduction, and prefers to be the only dog in the home. This adventurous girl will try to go out of open windows, so she will need monitoring around the home at first. She is house-broken and will let you know if she has to go, or is uncomfortable around a particular dog or person. Excellent communicator!

Monica's ideal home would be with a woman or female couple who stays at home or is retired. The home should be quiet and peaceful.

Monica does present separation anxiety when left home alone and sometimes can be destructive when trying to get out.

**My adoption fee is one half off! Adoption fee: $150.**

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65 Animals found - Page 2 of 5

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